Film Producer Allu Arvind is Disappointed Again

Film Producer Allu Arvind is Disappointed Again
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Telugu film producer Allu Aravind is one of the popular filmmaker in the film industry. The producer is running on his digital platform Aha. Already, there is a collection of shows and films on the streaming program right now and there is no certainty on when Aravind launches the new shows. Allu Aravind initially planned a grand launch of the streaming platform with multiple celebrities gracing the occasion, on the eve of Ugadi. Due to the shut down of the film industry and lockdown of the Telangana state, Allu Aravind is currently disappointed that he missed a golden chance to promote Aha in a full-fledged manner. As per the buzz, more than 10 new shows might get launched on Aha platform on this Ugadi. Allu Arjun also planned to be there for the launch event but the Coronavirus turned villain for all the plans.


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