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Fire erupts on Trump Tower – 2 hurt

Fire erupts on Trump Tower

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Two people were injured as fire erupts in the early morning hours near the top of Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan at the time of city’s workday rush hours, said New York Fire Department on Monday. While U.S. President Donald Trump was in Washington at the time of the incident.

One firefighter was hospitalized with minor injuries and a building worker, who also suffered an injury that was initially described as serious is now treated at the scene and declined further medical attention, said the fire department.

Eric Trump, one of the President’s sons tweeted that it was a small electrical fire in the cooling tower on the roof of the building.

Both the injured persons were given immediate first aid and were removed to safety.

The younger Trump was in full praise for the New York Fire Department who did an incredible job by their presence within few minutes of the incident. He tweeted “The men and women of the FDNY are the true heroes and deserve our most sincere thanks and praise!”

However, investigations will be on, once the cause of fire report is submitted

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