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Flash! Flash! Volcano Erupts in Bali, Indonesia Airport Close Thousands of foreigners stranded

Flash!Flash! Volcano Erupts in Bali Indonesia

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Mount Agung in Bali, Indonesia erupted. The local authorities have raised the ‘highest alert’ after the Mount Agung Volcano started erupting. The Bali International Airport has been closed leaving tens of thousands of foreigners stranded on the tourist island.

The fierce volcano has been flinging dark and white ash clouds 3,000 meters into the atmosphere. a video released by the National Disaster Agency showed volcanic debris, water and mud moving down the volcanic mountain slopes. Thousands of locals have been evacuated to safety locations. Rescue and relief operations have been underway.

The Airport Authorities were forced to close the Bali International Airport after the ash from the volcano entered into the airport’s airspace. The Flight Information Boards displayed all the flights as cancelled. Thousands of tourists are being attended by the respective airlines after their flights have been cancelled.

Nearly as many as 445 international flights have been cancelled leaving more than 59,000 foreign tourists in Bali. The tourist island of Bali attracts more than 5 million tourists every year. Its gentle Hindu Culture, lush green interiors, and surf beaches are one of the most prominent aspects of Bali.

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