Monday, September 27, 2021
HomelatestFormer ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan Biopic

Former ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan Biopic

Former ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan Biopic

Biopics are been successful in Bollywood nowadays. Bollywood directors and producers are competing to direct the celebrities life stories. So far, sports stars and cinema stars biopics are directed but now Scientist life story is to be directed. Former ISRO chairman K Radha Krishnan biopic is planned by the Bollywood director Nikhil Advani.

Nikhil Advani after looking at the photograph of Narendra Modi along with the Mangal Yan Mission group and was eager to know more about Radhakrishnan. Nikhil Advani read the book My Odyssey by Radhakrishnan and liked the book. He decided to make a film on Radhakrishnan and Radhakrishnan also confirmed this.

Radhakrishnan suggested that he had a lot of troubles from his childhood being in a small village. Today’s youth should take him as an example and lead a successful life. He also said that agreeing for the biopic to change the youth by his story is the main reason. The film will be screened on the banner of Emmy Entertainments banner.

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