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Four potentially hazardous asteroids flew past the Earth barely hours after being spotted

As many as four dangerous asteroids went beyond the Earth on Tuesday. Three out of four of these astronomical rocks were hardly found a few hours before rushing past the Earth-Moon system, a media organization reported. One asteroid called 2019 SM8 was witnessed by space researchers at the Mount Lemmon Observatory in Arizona on Monday, which traveled by our planet moments later, according to NASA.

The asteroid 2019 SM8 at its most intimate was approximately 99,000 miles away from our planet, which is less than half of the average range between the Moon and our planet, a findings by Space.com stated. According to NASA’s assessment, this odd asteroid was about 16 feet in diameter, which is roughly the size of an SUV.

About an hour later, another asteroid was found, however, this astronomical rock named asteroid 2019 SE8 escaped from a little distance. This odd asteroid flew from a range of nearly 674,000 miles from the Earth and therefore did not determine to be a threat. In terms of dimension, this asteroid was approximately bigger than the earlier one. It was supposed to be around 47 feet in size.

though none of these asteroids had enough possibility of operating our planet, however, these stones are organized by NASA as potentially dangerous asteroids as they pretend a warning in their planned course when their orbits bisect that of our planet.

Four potentially hazardous asteroids flew past the Earth barely hours after being spotted

In history, some essential space researchers and administrators have aimed out concerns regarding asteroids hitting the Earth. In August, Space X and Tesla CEO Elon Musk had aimed out on Twitter that the Earth directly has no defense against ‘killer’ asteroids. Replying to a tweet regarding the asteroid Apophis — dubbed as the ‘God of Chaos’ that is required to scrape behind Earth in 2029, Musk showed out that there is, currently, no defense arrangement to preserve our planet.

Earlier to Musk, a well-known astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson had also reminded about the Apophis 99942 beating the Earth, producing a major tsunami that can clean out the whole west shore of North America.

Researchers have said that the asteroid which washed away dinosaurs is considered to have been equivalent to 10 billion atomic bombs that were handled in World War II. The influence of that large asteroid had triggered extensive tsunamis and let to wildfires that were thousands of miles away.

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