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GA2, 100 Crores @Geetha Govindam & Turn To “Paper Boy”

Geetha Arts is one of the biggest production houses in Telugu Film Industry. Actually, mostly producer Allu Aravind is very specific about the story of the film and selection. Though, the talk about Allu Aravind is that he is a good story selector. Mostly, his predictions don’t miss out. Now, his other predictional production is Geetha Govindam. Bunny Vas produced this film on GA2 pictures banner which is sub banner of Geetha Arts. But, Allu Aravind also follows the GA2 pictures also. Geetha Govindam film’s budget is just nearly 5 crores. With the faith in Parasuram who made Srirasthu Subhamasthu film with Allu Sirish on Geetha Arts banner, they gave second chance to Parasuram. So, Parasuram gave a good story and the film was completed.

vijay devarakonda geetha govindam

Though, the team expected the gross of the film, based on the story, banner reputation and moreover Vijay Deverakonda’s fan following. Their expected gross was nearly 25 crores if the film succeeds. Unexpectedly, the video of the film came out and tensions are developed in the team. So, producer Bunny Vas and Allu Arvind struggled to control the videos spreading. But, some fear was developed all over the team up to release the movie.


Don’t know, Is it the story’s magic or Vijay Deverakonda’s strength? Whatever it, the movie is a blockbuster now. Its collections are creating records. Majorly, it was Vijay Devarakonda’s strength and he got star status with this film. Himself, Megastar Chiranjeevi announced and welcomed him into Stars list. Though, the team expectation is 20-25 crores which were four or five times to budget. But, it has grossed 100 crores which are four or five times to their expectations. And, this gross is just in two weeks of the period.


Really, it is a surprising and amazing twist to the whole film industry. Now, all are looking for Vijay Devarakonda. Currently, He is Telugu film industry’s sensation. The expectation was 25 crores but the reality is 100 crores. Really, it is a tremendous success for Geetha Govindam team.


Now, Geetha Arts ready to buy the small movie’s rights for distributing. The movie is “Paper Boy” and Santhosh Sobhan is the hero of this film. We know that he is the son of Sobhan who died due to the heart attack. Sobhan made Vrasham, Andhrudu and Bobby movies. Santhosh Sobhan, Riya Suman are the main leads and Tanya hope also did a role. Director Sampath Nandi is the producer of this films and V.Jaya Shankar is the director of this film. Though, this film teaser is really attractive with fresh romantic touch. The response for the teaser is good and Bheem’s music is extraordinary. Recently, Superstar Mahesh Babu also tweeted about this film, so literally, the buzz is doubled.


So, Geetha Arts have brought this film’s rights at a good amount. So, now the movie entered into the next level. Finally, the movie releasing on 30th August. After a day, Naga Shaurya’s Narthanasala is ready for release on 31st August. So, If Paper Boy get good reviews, it will stand in the race.



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