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Gala Dinner in Falaknuma Palace goes live | Security breach during Ivanka Visit

Gala Dinner in Falaknuma Palace goes live 

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A major security breach that took place during Ivanka’s visit to Hyderabad came to light lately. The live feed of gala dinner at the iconic Falaknuma Palace went on air across various TV networks. The PMO (Prime Minister Office) alerted the Special Protection Group (SPG). As soon as the information reached the Telangana Police from the SPG, top police officials from Telangana Police Department, personal secretaries, and public relation officers called the TV Channels immediately and stopped the live feed.

PM Modi, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Governor Narasimhan and Ivanka Trump were seen on the live feed.

After a preliminary investigation was carried out into the matter, the intelligence forces identified the source of the leak. It is understood that few senior police officials allowed a couple of reporters into the ‘Command Control Centre (CC Centre)’ in Hyderabad. The live feed from the gala dinner at Falaknuma Palace was being monitored at CC Centre. This is when the reporters caught the footage and aired it live.

The officials at the Command Control Centre are responsible to monitor security in the city. The centre receives a live feed from thousands of CCTV cameras installed across the Hyderabad city.

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