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Jawaan Telugu Bullet Review

‘Jawaan’ Telugu Bullet Review

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Mega Hero Sai Dharam Tej has been patiently waiting for commercial success for a very long time. Similarly, BVS Ravi who had seen a flop with his first film ‘Wanted’ in 2011, took a long while before coming up with his 2nd directorial venture ‘Jawaan’. The film expectation rose after Dil Raju chose to present the film in the theatres. Let us see whether Jawaan gave the much-needed boost for the hero and the director.


The two main characters, Jai and Keshav represent the good and bad personalities of a human being. Every drop of blood in Jai reflects his patriotism, after being influenced by RSS policies and speeches. Meanwhile, Keshav is all about ‘steal to win’, who can commit crimes to fulfill his dream. Keshav ends up as a notorious criminal in a short span.

Jai’s ambition is to work for the DRDO. Meanwhile, the scientists at DRDO design world’s most advanced missile vehicle ‘Octopus’. Knowing this an international criminal network offers Rs 500 crores to Keshav in order to get the blueprint of ‘Octopus’ missile vehicle. But Jai comes in way of Keshav’s plans to steal the blueprint. The rest of the story is all about how Jai managed to save the family and how he transforms Keshav into a good human being.


Jawaan film reminds us many similar films from the past, based on a similar story. The first half seems to be routine and pale for most of the time. The film picks up the pace and grabs the attention of the audience with the episode of Jai saving the ‘Octopus’ from falling into the criminal’s hand. The film manages to grasp the audience by the time the second half starts.

The scene in which, the villain warns the hero’s family sitting in their house, and the scouting for the villain are absolutely fantastic. They will surely have a great impact on the audience. But the director failed to hold the suspense after these scenes end. The climax seems to be pretty flat after the hero nabs the villain. The villain’s characterization routine and boring throughout the film. Heroine Mehreen Pirzada is strictly restricted to songs, romantic track and glamour show.

There is absolutely no episode featuring ‘mind game’ between the hero and villain. The scenes in which hero saves his family, hero-villain telephonic conversation, patriotism and the ‘measuring scale of failure’ will surely impress the audience. Songs at unwanted intervals disturb the film’s pace. The film missed the ‘feel’ on a whole.

Putting aside everything, Sai Dharam Tej shows some improvement in acting. Prasanna who played the villain character excelled brilliantly. The family members of Jai did a decent job.

Plus Points:

  • Hero-Villain scenes
  • Episode featuring Jai and ‘Octopus’ Missile
  • Heroine Glamour


  • Routine Storyline
  • Weak screenplay
  • Climax

Telugu Bullet Punch Lines: ‘Jawaan’ misses the target for most of the time. Decent Action Film.

Rating: 2.75/5

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