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Gold smuggling case revelations only tip of the iceberg: Chennithala

The Congress party on Tuesday said that the numerous revelations coming out in the gold smuggling case are only the tip of the iceberg as the role of the office of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is being highlighted in scams and allegations.

Speaking to the media here Leader of Opposition Ramesh Chennithala said ever since the gold smuggling case surfaced, Vijayan has been saying that his office has no role in it at all.

“But today the situation is such that his own closest aide and IAS officer M. Sivasankar’s role in numerous allegations is quite clear and that the office of Vijayan knew everything and no one can wash their hands off it. More links of Vijayan’s office will soon come out,” said Chennithala.

It was Vijayan who had said earlier that the probe by the central agencies is going in the right direction.

“But today what we hear is that both Vijayan and the CPI-M are jittery. If they have done no wrong why are they jittery now, as the probe into various issues is reaching finality. However much Vijayan tries to remain silent, what moral right has he to remain in office?,” asked Chennithala.

He added that of late he is being attacked by Vijayan and the CPI-M because he has been confronting them with facts and figures.

Vijayan is now using a statement of Rahul Gandhi about the central agencies.

“What Vijayan fails to understand is that Rahul Gandhi is my leader and his politics is on a larger scale. The CPI-M is a party which is there now only in one or one and a half states and he should be worried more about his party, than the Congress. Congress is the only party that can take on the BJP, but the CPI-M claims only they can take on the BJP. Everyone knows that from 1977 onwards the CPI-M and the BJP are hand in glove in Kerala and to cover that up, they blabber that Congress here is with the BJP. People are asking why has Vijayan not yet spoken a word against Modi and this reveals, who is with whom. People are seeing everything,” said Chennithala.

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