Internet’s Confused Over “Burger Emoji” – Google Drops Everything to Fix!


Internet’s Confused Over “Burger Emoji” – Google Drops Everything to Fix!

In the middle of so many important issues going on in life that we should be discussing, there’s a hot trending topic going on in the social media, raging debate on Twitter about one particular emoji- the burger.

Our society has evolved to proper language from symbols and pictures. We’ve gone back again to stones age by switching words with emoticons/ emoji.

On Saturday, one of the twitter users, Thomas Baekdal expressed his concerns over the placement of the cheese slice in the emoji. His confusion mainly over the emoji being different in Google’s burger as compared to Apple’s.

It became more a curious story when two tech giants Google and Apple are pulled into this.

googles burger emojiInternet started buzzing over the topic, Google places the cheese slice over the bottom bun with the veggies and patty piled up over it. On the contrary, Apple places it a bit closer to the top bun, right under the tomato slice.

Many people expressed their views on where the damned cheese slice has to sit! For now, Baekdal’s tweet has received more than 36k likes and 16k retweets and 1500 comments for what they think is the right place for the cheese! Things did not end over here, it caught the attention of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai.

Guess what?

He tweeted saying “we will drop everything else we are doing. If Folks can agree on the correct way to do this, let’s resolve this”

This finally ends the dilemma in public.



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