Kichidi to be declared as National Dish

Kichidi to be declared as National Dish

Kichidi to be declared as National Dish

In future, school children might well be learning that ‘Kichidi’ is our national dish, just like Tiger and Banyan tree as our national animal and tree respectively. The central government has taken the initiative to promote the Kichidi in the world market by making it as ‘commercial commodity’.

The ‘World Food India Conference’ being held in New Delhi from Nov 3 – Nov 6. It is learned that the government has planned to serve 800kgs of Kichidi to the attendees over the 3-day conference. The recipe will be prepared under the supervision of famous Chef ‘scientist’ Sanjeev Kapoor. ‘During the conference, Kichidi would be declared as the national dish,’ stated an official representative of the conference.

Kichidi to be declared as National DishUnion Cabinet Minister for Food and Processing and MP, Harsimrat Kaur Badal said, ‘We live in a culturally diverse nation. And it’s really astonishing to find ‘Kichidi’ being a very important dish every culture across the breadth and width of the nation. Hence, we have decided to make Kichidi as an international brand.’

She also added, ‘Hundreds of delegates from over 60 countries are being welcomed for this conference. The kichidi that is being prepared as a part of celebrating our culture will be served to guests of the conference. The central government would be spending 6,000 crores over the next 3 years to create food processing infrastructure.’

Posted November 2, 2017 at 12:39

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