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Howrah Bridge Comedy Adhurs

Raavu Ramesh about Howrah Bridge comedy

Tollywood hero Rahul Ravindran and YouTube queen Chandhini Choudary are now up with the movie Howrah Bridge. As of now the two teasers of the film which are out recently got a huge Response. With this the expectations on the movie are high. Director Yaadhu says the movie contains both love track romance and it also entertains family audience. Now they furthermore reveal about the comedy entertainment in the film. The movie crew is very confident about the movie. Raavu Ramesh about Howrah Bridge comedy.

Raavu Ramesh about Howrah Bridge comedyRaavu Ramesh speaking to media says he has gave best entertainment for the film. There is no vulgar comedy or there is no particular comedy track for comedy. Rather, the Director made the screenplay adding comedy track in the screenplay. Comedy will be a part of the scenes. Hence Audience enjoy the flow in a proper way. Director Yaadhu says this movie will be a important film in both Chandhini Choudary and Rahul Ravindran career. Furthermore with this film they will get much more offer’s. The crew is planning to release the movie soon.

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