Rahul Gandhi: A transformation well received!


Rahul Gandhi: A transformation well received!

Until very recently, INC’s dream of Rahul Gandhi as a PM-candidate was mocked. After INC suffered a historical defeat 2014 Parliamentary elections by winning 44 seats (INC won 206 seats in 2009), its senior leaders advised keeping RG out of politics.RG’s acquaintance with Twitter is well known. He was the ‘favorite’ of all politicians to be trolled, given his ‘Maa ka beta’ image and absurd comments on air.

But things did change, and for good. RG managed to move away from ‘Maa ka beta’ to an individual who knows what he is speaking about.His statement ‘Modi Ji’s cashless economy is true. It rendered poor cashless after forcing everyone to deposit their cash,’ during demonetization clearly depicts the transformation he has gone through.

rahul-gandhi-transformationModi, the ‘Magician’ had the charm and charisma to woo huge crowds. But lights started to get dimmer on Modi’s face and in the BJP’s camp in recent times, while every whisker on RG’s face is lit. This INC leader may not end the ‘Family Tree’ scheme but instilled the hope that ‘noble transformation’ is respected in the nation. Recent trends in Twitter and other social networking sites affirmed the fact that Modi now leads Rahul Gandhi, for the ‘most mocked/trolled’ politician award.

Rahul’srecent revelation about his ‘Black Belt’ in Aikido was met with criticism and praise. The INC leader seemed to be mature enough to ignore criticism, highly unlike him.

RG has set himself to lead Gujarat Legislative Assembly election beginning on 9th December. It is even heard that Modi is baffled by RG’s presence and the Congress wave that is waving slowly but steadily in Gujarat. BJP is seen to be on a defensive note this time. With Rahul Gandhi in full-swing, the 2019 electoral polls are sure to upset BJP in few states, if not nation-wide.

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