Mahesh Babu As Chakravarti Shivaji character…?

Gopalakrishna expressed Mahesh for Chakravarti Shivaji character

Gopalakrishna expressed Mahesh for Chakravarti Shivaji character

Posted October 12, 2017 at 18:29

Gopalakrishna expressed Mahesh for Chakravarti Shivaji character: Mahesh Babu do simple films without any risk. In Mahesh Babu career he chooses only commercial films and characters rather than experimental films. All the movies of Mahesh Babu from his career starting onwards to the latest ‘SPYder’ movie all are commercial movies. None of the movies based on experimental or art films. He softly rejects the projects which are unique storyline by telling that he doesn’t want to take the risk. And will always do what audience wants from him.

Recently, writer Paruchuri Gopalakrishna expressed his view that he wants to see Mahesh Babu in Chakravarti Shivaji character. Not only but fans and audience also want to see him as the Chakravarti Shivaji. Chakravarti Shivaji will perfectly suit to Mahesh Babu as none in the whole India can do this character. So he expressed his view that Mahesh Babu is perfect for Chakravarti Shivaji character.

Long back Super Star Krishna wants to do Chakravarti Shivaji character. Krishna left in the middle of the project without completing this Chakravarti Shivaji character. Krishna expressed his grief many times for not completing that project. So Krishna is wishing that Mahesh Babu do Chakravarti Shivaji character. But no one thinking that Mahesh Babu will take the risk. Originally, Mahesh Babu doesn’t like mythological characters. Previously, the director Gunashekhar approached Mahesh Babu for Gona Ganna Reddy character for ‘Rudramadevi’ movie. But Mahesh Babu softly rejected by telling that he can’t do those types of characters. Then will Mahesh Babu able to do Chakravarti Shivaji character…?

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