Thursday, June 30, 2022
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govt believes it as TDP’s conspiracy Jesus Christ’s image on Ration card

The religious allegations made by both opposition and ruling parties reached new heights in the state raising the communal wars. Putting all those political issues aside, here is yet another such incident about religious remarks where a ration card is surfaced on the internet, which bears the image of Jesus Christ.

The latest incident sparked a row in Andhra Pradesh with social media users linking its origins to Andhra Pradesh govt. However, the Andhra Pradesh government ruled out the claims and alleged that it is TDP’s conspiracy to promote false propaganda on govt

In an official statement, the state government said: “Ration dealer husband, who is a TDP member from Vadlamuru village, had printed Jesus Christ’s picture on the ration cards and intentionally promoted the propaganda.” The government said that the rational dealer’s husband is a “die-hard TDP fan” and not a converted Christian. “The officials are supposed to take action on this issue of misconduct,” the govt asserted.

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