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HomelatestWill Harish Rao Take The Bullet For KCR In Gajwel?

Will Harish Rao Take The Bullet For KCR In Gajwel?

The bonding between the TRS Chief KCR and his nephew Harish Rao is so strong that the latter is all set to sacrifice his seat for the sake of his Uncle. Ongoing speculations on KCR’s constituency explains is everything.KCR contested from his constituency Gajwel and won with a majority in 2014. However, the things have changed for the upcoming snap polls. With the support of Mahakutami, the Congress leader V Pratap Reddy is standing against KCR to defeat him.

Will Harish Rao Take The Bullet For KCR In Gajwel

Sources and survey reports say that the chances of KCR to win in Gajwel have gone from 100% to 50% after the entry of Pratap Reddy into the fight. To escape this humiliation, KCR has decided to contest in two constituencies of Gajwel and Siddipet. Siddipet is Harish Rao’s rock fort and he always wins there with the bumper majority. So apparently Harish Rao is sacrificing his Siddipet seat for this Uncle KCR to escape the heat. Instead, he is rumoured to contest from Gajwel.

Despite Harish Rao’s craze, he also has chances to lose against Pratap Reddy in Gajwel but he is showcasing his special love and care for KCR. Let us wait for the official confirmation from the TRS bigwigs regarding this news.

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