“Review: ‘Harom Hara’ – A Routine Plot with Interesting Twists”


Release Date: June 14, 2024

Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/5

Starring: Sudhir Babu, Malvika Sharma, Sunil, Jayaprakash, Lucky Laxman, Akshara Gowda, Arjun Gowda, Ravi Kale

Director: Gnana Sagar Dwarka

Producer: Sumanth G. Naidu

Music Director: Chaitan Bharadwaj

Cinematography: Arvind Viswanathan

Editing: Ravi Teja Girijala

One of the notable releases this week is the action drama “Harom Hara,” directed by Gnana Sagar Dwarka and starring Sudhir Babu, Malvika Sharma, and Sunil. The trailer, featuring Sudhir Babu as the dynamic lead, garnered significant expectations. Let’s dive into the review to see if the film lives up to the hype.


Set in the 1980s in Chittoor District’s Kuppam area, “Harom Hara” follows Tammireddy (Lakki Laxman), who terrorizes the locals with his brother and son, Sarath Reddy (Arjun Gowda). Subrahmanyam (Sudhir Babu) arrives in Kuppam as a college lab assistant to settle his father’s (Jayaprakash) debts. He gets entangled with the gun mafia to earn money. The movie unravels how Tammireddy becomes a threat to Subrahmanyam’s father how Subrahmanyam deals with this danger and his involvement in the gun mafia.

Plus Points:

Sudhir Babu delivers a commendable performance, embodying his character with intensity and dedication. His portrayal, along with his action sequences and emotional scenes, stands out. Sunil’s performance as Swami and Malvika Mohanan’s character also add value. Lucky Laxman impresses as the villain, and Arjun Gowda makes a strong debut in Tollywood. The film’s hero elevations are highlights, and the unique tone in the first half coupled with a refreshing background score adds to its appeal. The emotional scenes between Sudhir and Jayaprakash are noteworthy, and other supporting actors like Kadambari Kiran and Akshara Gowda also deliver well.

"review: 'harom hara' – a routine plot with interesting twists"
“Review: ‘Harom Hara’ – A Routine Plot with Interesting Twists”

Minus Points:

The film’s major drawback is its predictable storyline, reminiscent of recent hits like “KGF” and “Pushpa.” The narrative and dialect evoke similarities to these films, making “Harom Hara” feel less original. The second half drags in places, and some action sequences, particularly the climax, feel unnatural. Additionally, the film lacks logic in some scenes and features elements that seem repetitive from other movies. Malvika’s role is also underutilized.


Overall, “Harom Hara” is a solid effort from Sudhir Babu, showcasing his acting prowess. The film, with its strong character elevations and impressive music, will appeal to fans of mass-action dramas. Despite its routine storyline, it offers enough elements to keep the audience engaged.



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