HC Smashes The Dreams Of The TRS Government with Its Verdict

Supreme Court rejected Marri shashidhar reddy petition on telangana elections

In what may be considered as a huge blow right on the face of Telangana Government, the High Court of Hyderabad issued a stay on the EC Voters list. Giving its recent verdict on the case filed by a petitioner Marri Shashidhar Reddy, the HC shocked the caretaking ruling party’s dreams.

Shashidhar Reddy

TRS Government is gearing up for the snap polls in December or at least in the month of next year’s January. In this regard, it requested the Election Commision to continue its works. Everything seemed to be going swiftly until a writ case reached the Court. The advocate Shashidhar Reddy challenged the TRS Government of bogus votes and asked the HC to direct Election Commission in order to recheck the voters’ list. After hearing both sides, HC ruled out the verdict in favour of the petitioner and issued a stay on the EC Voters list. Now the EC has no right to post the complete details of voters in Telangana on its website as long as HC gives its clearance.

High court

Reddy told the Press that the ruling party is trying to add about 70 lakhs of fake voters in favour of them. Not stopping there, he pointed out at the removal of 20 lakhs voters as they have migrated to the AP post the bifurcation. Analysts and Oppositions question the TRS camp if Telangana loses 20 lakhs votes, then AP should have got these votes. But in reality, AP itself lost 17 lakhs of votes for the same reason of migration. Connecting all the dots, HC would refer to the list and take a final call.


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