Heated tweet war between Janasena and Galla Jayadev:

Heated tweet war between Janasena and Galla Jayadev

Heated tweet war between Janasena and Galla Jayadev:

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The industrialist turned MP, Galla Jayadev has been making news this year. After his famous speech in Indian Parliament demanding Special Status for AP, he again surfaced with his tweet war against Janasena and Pawan Kalyan.

It all started when this TDP MP who got irked with the parties Janasena and YSRCP took his Twitter to ridicule them at a time. Jayadev stated that he is going to show all the Andraites a multi-starer movie with Pawan Kalyan and YS Jagan presented and directed by BJP. He titled his flick as Pawan-Jagan and declared that this flick will showcase how they are acting accordingly in the hands of the Centre. A day after these tweets, the Janasena media wing issued an open letter to the press addressing Galla Jayadev. In their letter, Pawan and his batch asked Jayadev to stop those silly stories by now under the direction of his boss CBN. Janasena ridiculed this Amaron CEO by declaring that his batteries are already discharged. Asking Galla to concentrate on fighting with BJP for Special Status, Janasena ended the letter to stop his worthless moves.

Irked by Jansen’s open letter, Jayadev fumed on Pawan yet again asking him directly if he is doing anything useful for the State. Galla opined that Pawan is still showing his soft corner towards Modi despite his betrayal to AP. Jayadev served a pun on Janasena by declaring that his batteries shall never discharge and reiterated the slogan of his Amaron Batteries “lasts long, really strong”. We shall have to wait and see how Janasena would react to this counter.


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