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HomelatestThe heroine who changed the fate of Rahul Gandhi!

The heroine who changed the fate of Rahul Gandhi!

Ramya changed the fate of Rahul Gandhi!

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Prior to the Gujarat Assembly elections, many considered Rahul Gandhi as a bad luck to the Indian National Congress. Though he was the son of [then] President Sonia Gandhi, Rahul had a bad reputation within the party. Rahul Gandhi was trolled an innumerable number of times on social networking sites. Thought these may not be having affected him much, but they certainly cause a great deal of emotional damage.

Rahul Gandhi was preparing himself to become the next President of Congress under a lot of pressure. This is when heroine Ramya came to his rescue. After becoming the head of ‘Congress Social Media’, she changed the face of ‘Congress Party’ on social media.

BJP is known for its aggressive online campaigning. Realizing this, Ramya strategically planned Congress Party’s online campaigning. Without targeting the BJP party directly, she elevated how people are suffering because of schemes and programs announced by PM Modi. She targeted the Demonetization and GST row a great extent.

Within 6 months, the tables have turned upside down. Rahul Gandhi image on social media was improving, while PM Modi’s image was tarnishing pretty quickly. Ramyaplayed a vital role in improving Rahul Gandhi’s and Congress party’s image on social media.

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