Hidden Facts Behind Tirumala Temple Temporary Closing

Hidden Facts Behind Tirumala Temple Temporary Closing
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Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam is one of the most important temples in India. It is a surprise to everyone that the Thirumala Devasthanam is closed for a fortnight by the rush of thousands of devotees every day. However, we hear that the Ashtabandhana Balaalayam Mahaa Samprokshana is a great tradition. What is this great tradition? This article is intended to inform the reasons for its implementation.

This great festival will be held every 12 years in every Vaishnava temples. However, this is the place where the temple of Tirumala Tirupathi has 17 km aura itself. Normally, the old shrine has been refurbished by the chief priests, clean the impurities inside the sanctum, because those impurities considered as the disservice. The whole cleaning and doing repairs are considered as Mahaa Samprokshana process.

But, according to divine Scientology, the octagonal program is to fill the centerpiece of the Padmapedestal of their base Virat Foot with opodeldoc. Part of this event is made of 8 varieties of pots placed near the corner of the base Virat under Sriwari foot. These include black pepper, karakaiya, reddish column, butter, kandachkara, lacquer, flint, and jaggery. The mixture of these items is poured into the holes in the wall on the top of the base Virat, along with the source of the aadhaar pedestal and the paadhapedestal. This mixture melts in the order of time and the change of color reduces energy in the Base Virat. Therefore, the power of the source in the Base Virat is put in the wreath, and the Swami’s power is placed at the 24 yaagaalu that are specially set up in the old Kalyana Mandap adjacent to the temple. There are all the rituals performed by the Swami as like the shrine. By doing so, the Swami will have the opportunity to increase their source of energy.

On the last day after five days, the energy will again be pulled from the wreath into the Base Virat. This complete program is known as the Ashtabandhana Balaalayam Mahaa Samprokshana tradition. It started in 1958, last held in 2006 and is now held in August. On August 11th, Saturday 9 hours, Saturday 12th Sunday 4 hours, 13th Monday 5 hours, 14th Tuesday 5 hours, 15th Wednesday 6 hours only the devotees will be allowed to visit Srivaaru. Whatever it is for Venkateswara and he’s always for us.


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