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Spritual Line From Holy Geeta Book

Holy Geeta Book Theme for Happy Life

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Holy Geeta Book Theme for Happy Life:

–>There is no need to worry nor fear without any reason.

–>No one is going to kill you as the soul is not a new nor live long.

–>All that happens, happening and will happen is only for good.

–>There is of no use to suffer by remembering the past. And there is no use to worry about the future.

–>Just live the present and make it useful by being happy and worthy.

–>There is nothing new you created here, so why to worry about destruction…?

–>You didn’t bring anything with your birth. Now whatever you have is only you got from here and you will give only here.

–>God gave you everything whatever you have and whatever you offer is only for God.
You come to the earth with nothing and even go with nothing.

–>Today yours is in someones past and even other’s in future too.

–>But forgetting the fact, you are living in an illusion of happiness where it will lead to all your sorrow.

–>The ultimate natural formula is to change yourself. You think the life is here and even death also will be there only.

–>Once you may be the billionaire and some other time you can be in poverty.

–>Just wipe out in your mind that you, me, rich, poor and everything then everything will be yours and you will belong to everyone.

–>This body comes from the 5 elements(Panchabhuta) that are water, fire, air, earth and sky and ultimately will go to those 5 elements only.

–>But the soul is eternal, so now tell who are you…? So keep faith in God who will be the ultimate reliable source in your life.

–>If you have faith in God then you are out of any fear, anxiety, sadness and all.

–>Do the work by submitting yourself to God which will give the great experience of life and ultimate happiness to your life.

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