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HomelatestStudents Suicide Because of Educational System

Students Suicide Because of Educational System

Students Suicide Because of Educational System

Students Suicide Because of Educational System: There is person Motubari in a rice field. The labors are taking one by one grass hoods to the destination place. So Motubari thought that the labors are working good as each person is taking one grass hood on their head. But he feels bad that he is taking that grass hood and keeping on their head. He is thinking that it’s all his greatness that if all the grass hoods reach to the destination or else the mistake will be the labors.

But in this business, the Motubari didn’t recognize the labor work difficulty, even if he recognizes then he thought it’s their work. Even parents are thinking like this Motubari only and students are the labors who are working hard. Yes…! It’s a bitter fact that the students couldn’t able to bear the education pressure and committing suicide. So, there is a need to focus on this situation because these deaths are going on the basis of corporate college death and avoiding the original fact.

Students Suicide Because of Educational System

Every student who commits suicide told their inner feeling through the letter or something. In these letters, none of the students are blaming their parents and not even telling that they don’t want to study but blaming the education system. They are apologizing to their parents that they couldn’t able to perceive in this education system. And even requesting their parents to reduce this study pressure to their siblings. None of the students who committed suicide didn’t apologize to their faculty nor college. In fact, reverse blaming the faculty and college because they couldn’t able to understand the real problem.

Parents know how the education system is in a corporate college? They are joining their children by knowing the educational system. Those who advertise their college will only speak about their grades and results and to give esure their food. They confirm that they will provide a good education but not the care and love and comfortable education to the children. 90 percent of the people will ask about their children marks but not about their care in the parents meeting. Only one percent of them will prefer not to get stress on their children.

This is an illusion that parents are unaware of all the stress students are suffering. They know, yet it is a disrespectful belief that the death is not heard in their homes. The social recognition and respect that comes with the child’s success are the main reason for their hopes. This the reason parents will tend to adjust in the colleges if they have any complaints. This is same as a killing their children for the sake of their reputation and social recognition of a girl in her husband’s house.

Naturally, this is a corporate college conspiracy. This conspiracy is not raising by the organizers but none other than the parents. Small schools and colleges are shutting down because of this parents negligence. But finding the colleges which are not giving any type of educational freedom to students. First parents should change their view then only the student’s education burden will reduce. No entrepreneur will make the non-demandable product, so even the corporate colleges are not beyond that.

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