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HomelatestHoney Preet Escaped By Using an Old Trick

Honey Preet Escaped By Using an Old Trick

Honey Preet Escaped By Using an Old Trick

The police officers were searching for Honey Preet even after Dera Baba was sentenced to Imprisonment. At some moment she was expected to hide in Nepal, so the police officers kept massive security near the borders. They found Honey Preet car driver In Rajasthan, and even not found her even after searching there. Meanwhile, they have got an interesting stuff, Her lawyer Pradeep Kumar filed a petition in Arya High Court on behalf of Honey Preet. Pradeep Kumar Arya proved that he had made Honey Preet sign the petition, this became the shit to police officers.

Police officers wonder how Honey Preet is hiding in Delhi, where police security is found everywhere. but they got an answer regarding this, they are in a work of enquiring the total details about the answer. Do you know the answer to that question? CCTV footage set up outside the Pradeep Arya’s house. Women approached Pradeep Arya’s house by wearing a Burkha. The police are investigating from the perspective that the woman wearing burkha can be honey Preet. If their suspicion is true, Its hard to believe that Honey Preet used an old trick to escape from police.

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