Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestHoney Preet Living in Nepal

Honey Preet Living in Nepal

Honey Preet Living in Nepal

Dera Babas adopted child Honey Preet seems to be available. Haryana and Punjab police are widely searching for the accused that caused deliberate destruction after Dera Baba’s conviction. CIT police officers got the Honey Preets address by the arrest of Dera Baba’s close friend Pradeep Goyal in Rajasthan. After the destruction Honey Preet is suddenly disappeared and seems to live in Nepal. The SIT police found the exact location of Honey Preet by their source in Nepal. Moreover, On 2 September, the police received information that she had appeared in Nepal’s capital Kathmandu.

It is known that there are three other men along with Honey Preeth who are protecting them. Honey preeth has completely changed her getup to avoid from Police. the police have found that they are traveling in a simple, private taxi without going by luxury cars. There is the clear information about Honey Preet address that she is in Dharan Itahari in Nepal along with Dera Babas follower Adithya. Soon they will be brought to India. Dera Baba took up the relief efforts during the Nepal earthquake, seems to have devotees in that country.

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