Hot speculation: BJP MLAs ready to jump?

Vishnu Kumar Raju ready to Jump in YSRCP

The Central Party BJP might have its own charisma at the Centre. In the State of AP, the party is facing severe criticism from the locals for backstabbing the State. Its MLAs now trying their best to avoid the wrath of AP people.

If we could recollect the AP Bifurcation, the Big party Congress had been completely got eliminated from its roots as it saw the pain of AP people. Now the same situation is getting repeated in the case of BJP. Even though Jagan and Pawan are trying to project TDP as villains of the State, people are clear that Modi has ditched AP so they are waiting to teach BJP a big lesson in the 2019 elections. To escape from this humiliation, the BJP MLAs of AP are finding their ways to shift their loyalties in order to continue their Political journey. First and foremost, the Rajahmundry MLA Akula Satyanarayana’s wife officially joined Janasena and he is also showing his interest towards the newest party of AP. Popular MLA of Kaikalur Kamineni Srinivas who served as a Minister is inclining towards the TDP as he is one of the very few leaders of BJP who supported CBN in the Status issue. He never misses any chance to praise Babu so it is indeed confirmed that this MLA will be joining TDP.

Last but not the least, the Visakhapatnam BJP’s main leader Vishnu Kumar Raju is very impressed with Jagan’s party. Sources from his camp declare that this MLA is going to hold talks in order to join YSRCP when Jagan arrives Visakhapatnam District in his Praja Sankalpa Yatra. With no big leaders in the party, BJP is going to get fumbled in 2019.


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