Bomb Blast at The US Embassy In Beijing

Bomb Blast at The US Embassy In Beijing
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An individual bomber detonated a bomb at the US embassy in Beijing, China. According to the sources, actually, he intended to hurl the bomb into the US embassy. But, it exploded before he hurls. The explosion has happened around at 1 pm at the public space of south east corner of the Us embassy compound. In the blast, no one is injured but only Bomber’s hand is injured and sent him to hospital.

The city was filled with smoke and people who are at that time clicked the photos and shot videos and posted them.Beijing police confirmed that he is 26 years old and from inner Mongolia. Actually, he set off the small firecracker device at the intersection of the road. And there has been no words on motive but the police are investigating. Witnesses reported that the explosion on this afternoon before no.of officials swooped on the area.


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