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HomelatestNaidu pumps up his MPs for their fight against BJP

Naidu pumps up his MPs for their fight against BJP

The Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Nara Chandrababu Naidu is more than happy for his MPs’ performances regarding the AP Special Status in Parliament Monsoon Sessions. Via his signature TeleConference, he boosted the confidence of AP-TDP lawmakers to intensify their fight against the BJP. Key points from his conference as follows:

After turning his back at his ex-alliance partner BJP, the TDP National Chief CBN declared a war on the Centre for opposing SCS to the Andhra. Backing their MPs spectacular speeches in the Parliament, he asked them to continue mounting pressure on the BJP in both the houses. He especially congratulated Galla, Kesineni, CM Ramesh, Ram Mohan Naidu etc for bringing up the anguish of AP people in front of all the other State leaders. The Yellow Fort’s King suggested their MPs to gather the support of other parties by playing the card of Justice for the State with no capital to pressurize the BJP institutions. CBN who is ready to join hands with the Congress if necessary directed them to make other leaders fight for AP for its Special Status.

On the same note, Naidu felt that BJP already started fearing TDP so he wanted that fear to withstand throughout the Sessions. According to the AP CM, some Ministers of BJP are trying to spread false rumors on CBN and he wanted those rumors to be rubbed off in this sessions. He desperately wanted to identify himself as the lone fighter for SCS from AP.

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