Huge Uproar On Senior Journos For Their Cheap Talk On Janasena

Huge Uproar On Senior Journos For Their Cheap Talk On Janasena

The EC has issued the symbol of a glass tumbler to the party Janasena. As all the Janasainikas including their Chief Pawan Kalyan expressed their joy in getting a glass, some section of paid media and anti-Pawan Kalyan fools tried their best to troll this symbol.Among all the haters, a senior lady journo who doesn’t belong to Telugu ridiculed this symbol. She took her Twitter to ask if that glass is used for tea or alcohol. Within no time, she has seen the wrath of millions of Mega fans and Janasainikas. Some section of Pawan fans, as usual, went to the stone age cuss words using unparliamentary language.


Another Telugu journo continued this troll by declaring that they are lucky to get glass instead of a Chembu ( A colloquial word for bathroom stuff which represents insult). No one knows whether these journos are paid or they just venting out their jealousy on Pawan Kalyan’s rise in Politics.Maximum netizens are on Pawan’s side as the journos are the ones who initiated the verbal war. To be frank, power star fans do cross limits always, but the analysts opine that they are provoked intentionally by Janasena rivals in order to decrease their good name in Public. Some fools are arguing that they can utter anything over the internet quoting Freedom of Speech. If they express their hatred, they should be in a position to receive the hatred of others as well.


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