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HomelatestHyderabad Gokul Chat Case: Culprits Get The Sentence

Hyderabad Gokul Chat Case: Culprits Get The Sentence

The infamous twin blasts in the United capital of Hyderabad in the year 2007 has seen a much-needed development. The Court has come up with the perfect judgement for the terrorists who ended the lives of 47 Indians.

Hyderabad Gokul Chat CaseThe Second Sessions Court today declared that the Indian Terrorist Group Indian Mujahideen or IM was behind these two consecutive blasts. Its main accused member Anique Shafiq Syed and the second accused Akbar Ismail Choudhary found guilty. The Public Prosecutor Seshu Reddy spoke to the press regarding this case and declared the same to the reporters. The accused three and four, Farooq Sharfuddin and Sadiq Ahmed Sheikh got acquitted due to the lack of necessary evidence. The final accused Tariq Anjum’s hearings got completed but the final verdict of this accused five will be out on the upcoming Monday. Despite multiple trails by the Public Prosecutor, the accused 3 and 4 luckily escaped the Prison as the evidence is not enough to make them plead guilty.The first bomb exploded at the National wife famous Gokul Chat and within no time, the IM group blasted the second bomb at the Lumbini Park. If 47 deaths are not enough, the twin blasts made 50 members get severely injured on 25th of August, 2007. From Press to the Public, the demand on the Court is to hang the guilty but the verdict is awaited until Monday.

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