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#Fasak Mania All Over State – Manchu Family Cool Reaction

If anything looking funny, our youth definitely make it viral. Moreover, in the case of celebrities, the fun goes to the next level. The memes, funny videos and posters set ready to pass over the social media. They don’t consider the person’s status, without any concern, make memes and posters, and upload social media. Mostly, political leaders, film celebrities fall into the situation. So, everyone should think twice before giving a statement. A political leader has fallen among the social media fun makers by saying physics subject in B.Com course.


Sometimes, need not say anything, the poses in the movies also go viral. The pose of Anushka Sharma sat with a crying face in her upcoming film Sui Dhaaga went viral on social media. The social media people started and posted the funny memes on Anushka Sharma poses.


Mohan Babu “Fasak” Trend:

Now, the hero and great actor Telugu industry Mohan Babu is one of the most meme stars. Recently, he gave an interview to India Today TV channel and he went along with his daughter Manchu Lakshmi. Actually, that was an English interview so he talked in English. Then, while explaining a scene from his movie with hand gestures and he said: “Don’t kill so many like this, only once Fasak.” That’s all, the word Fasak is trending now. Every student and youngers use this meme; the several social media pages use this word and make memes and videos on this.Dammmmn word used as a fun elementNot only he, in a movie audio launch event, Manchu Vishnu also used the word “Dammmn”, a few months back. At that time too, the Dammmmn word used as a fun element. Though social media trolled him, Manchu Vishnu gave an interview on it and said: “Its okay, I don’t feel about it, the memes and videos are good to see. Great creativity guys, cheer up.”

great actor Mohan Babu

As well as that, the great actor Mohan Babu also reacted on it on Twitter but not in anger mode, just in a cool mood. As like him, his son Manchu Manoj also takes them from fans reply to them pleasantly.


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