Even Booze And Biryani Failed To Attract Crowds For TRS Sabha

reveal that the attended TRS followers

The TRS party has faced its first humiliation in its four years of ruling in Telangana. The Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha which was held on Sunday failed to woo the Telangana voters and their oppositions called it a huge flop. As this is not enough the trending videos on WhatsApp is bringing more and worse name to the Pink camp.

Even Booze And Biryani Failed To Attract Crowds For TRS SabhaGoing into the details, KCR has blown his own trumpet by declaring that more than 25 lakhs of people would attend the Pragathi Nivedana Sabha. As stated by his Opposition, he neither announced any sensational news nor attracted Public to the meeting. Sources reveal that the attended TRS followers would be less than five lakhs and most of them were pulled by the evergreen weapon called Alcohol. Leading Media reported that the booze rates on Saturday and Sunday comprised of 300 crores of business, which is double to regular weekends. This news is a direct connection to the Pragathi Nivedana Sabha as the released videos played the spoilsport. For those who are searching for reasons for the alcohol price hike, one should watch the videos of how TRS party followers are enjoying alcohol in the transported buses. It is pretty much clear that the TRS bigwigs bought all the alcohol in the state to drag the people towards the meeting which resulted in the unavailability of stock. Obviously, the prices got doubled according to the demand-supply theory.More than this bad name to the Pink camp, what’s more, damaging is the fact that despite distributing alcohol, TRS failed to fetch the wanted crowd to the grounds.


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