I Am Not A Bridge Between Pawan Kalyan And CBN: Undavalli

I Am Not A Bridge Between Pawan Kalyan And CBN: Undavalli

The most renowned orator of the AP Politics, Undavalli Arun Kumar opened up on many burning issues of Andhra Pradesh. In his recent interview with a Telugu media, this ex MP shared his relationship with Pawan Kalyan.

These days, Undavalli was seen active participating in Press talks as he is completely concentrating on the complete funds AP has to get from the Centre. His recent All Party Conference is a super hit and the presence of TDP leaders along with Janasena at his meeting created some speculations. When the interviewer asked if Undavalli is mediating between the CBN and Pawan Kalyan for a possible alliance, this Rajahmundry leader brushed off everything. He declared that he would never do such things and when it comes to supporting Government, it is his duty as a responsible citizen of AP, getting the facts to the rulers is more important. Speaking about his friendship with Pawan Kalyan, Undavalli with rather cherished eyes claimed that their relation is completely emotional but not political.

Arun Kumar stated that he was astonished when Pawan called him for the JFFC meeting where all are ex lawmakers and bureaucrats except himself. When he asked the same to Pawan, Undavalli explained that the latter would always reply that with a smile and never answers the question. Whatever might be the case, he declared that his friendship with Pawan Kalyan is beyond Politics.


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