I am not mentally ‘Sick’ but ‘fit’ says RGV


I am not mentally ‘Sick’ but ‘fit’ says RGV

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King of controversies, this talented but crazy director Ram Gopal Varma, is infamously famous for creating scripts to create controversies. His movies in Tollywood as a director is a proof to say about this man. He is now going directly into web series to make movies and is getting ready to release it on YouTube.

The trailer for the upcoming sensational web series which is titled as ‘Kadapa’ is also recently released. The director is seen targeting the faction in Kadapa as the important elements of the web series. However, the people of Kadapa have a different viewpoint to express and are not at all accepting this and are demanding the director to ban the series. Some politicians even went to this extent of warning the director. However, some are ignoring it claiming it to be just a publicity stunt.

While director Varma is not in a position to take those warnings seriously and has been doing what he loves best. He also claimed that he does not have any psychological problems and is replying in his own satirical way to the politicians who warned him. RGV comments and counters are trending now and have gone viral on social media.

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