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HomelatestBabu Gogineni says astrologer Venu Swamy is a fraud

Babu Gogineni says astrologer Venu Swamy is a fraud

Babu Gogineni says astrologer Venu Swamy is a fraud

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Controversial Astrologer Venu Swamy yesterday was present in one of the noted Telugu news channel. He reportedly left the debate halfway stage announcing, “I don’t know Astrology, Don’t believe what I say!” This news is trending now and has gone viral on Social media.

Babu Gogineni who made a surprise entry into the live debate found fault with Venu Swamy. He didn’t agree with major predictions and statement made by Venu Swamy.  He went on to accuse that the astrologer is gaining publicity using morphed pictures. The Photo of Venu Swamy with PM Modi was found to be morphed and Babu Gogineni says when he enquired at the PMO office, they denied any such meeting with the astrologer. After this got exposed, Venu Swamy removed all those fake photos and threatened me alleges a TDP member.

Meanwhile, Venu Swamy alleged that Babu Gogineni of being Anti-Hindu, to which Babu Gogineni came with a clarification disapproving Astrology does not make an individual anti-religion. He spoke about Swami Vivekananda and Dayanand Saraswati disapproving it. Following this, a heated argument between the two took place in the news studio, and Venu Swamy staged a walk out. Before leaving the news channel he commented “Whatever I say is going to be absolutely false, don’t believe me! It’s up to the people to decide what they should believe and what they shouldn’t. 

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