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Yesteryear actress Jamuna reveals the last days of Savithri garu!

Jamuna reveals the last days of Savithri garu!

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In a recent interview, yesteryear Actress Jamuna revealed some interesting facts about the last stages of all-time great and legendary actress Savithri. In her own words:

‘I and Savithri are very close to each other. I used to call her Akka (elder sister). She got addicted to drinking towards the end of her life. I, Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, Nagi Reddy, Chakrapani have intervened in her marriage and advised her not to. But she still went ahead. Post that, she came to my son’s ‘Barasala’ function. She hugged me and cried that day. I consoled her and gave her moral support.

I told her, Akka you know what kind of a man he is [referring to her husband, Gemini Ganesan]. So don’t try to think about him anymore. Try to forget the past and move ahead. Your two kids are your life.By that time, itself, Savithri Akka has lost a lot of money due to thefts and robberies. Many people deceived her. I visited her while she was in Kodaikanal. I advised her, ‘Akka listen to me. Sell your house and take a fixed deposit of one crore. You will once again lead the high-life that you led in the past.’

Shortly after that, she went into a coma. Then Andhra Pradesh CM Anjaiah garu, even arranged medical assistance for Savithri garu in the US on my request. But the doctors said it was too late by then,’ said Jamuna.

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