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I Have More Time For My Wedding: Prabhas

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I Have More Time For My Wedding: Prabhas

Prabhas has become popular not only in Tollywood but also Bollywood. After Bahugali 1 and 2 records, Prabhas became popular all over India. Everyone is talking about the success of Prabhas. Prabhas, who has become the dream princess of many girls with a mythological character. In Bahubali Success Meetings, everyone questioned Prabhas about his marriage.

It’s buzzed in social media that Bhuhabali heroine Anushka would be the life partner of Prabhas n real life. The news that they will marry soon is heard everywhere but Prabhas did not react to any rumors. Moreover,  Prabhas gave her a full clarity on his wedding for the first time. Bahubali made it clear that he did not take any decision regarding his wedding.

At present, his focus is on Sahoo film and he will think about the film after the movie release. After Bahubali, Prabhas is playing a big role in Sahoo film. The film will release in Telugu, Tamil, Malayala, and Hindi. Ujapalapathi Pramod, Vamsi Krishna Reddy is producing this film under UV Creations banner. Finally, Sujith is directing this movie. Bollywood actor Neil Nithin plays the villain role in the film.

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