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HomelatestIndian Govt. currently owns 0.0041 % of total land in India!

Indian Govt. currently owns 0.0041 % of total land in India!

How much land does the Indian govt own

India is a vast country spanning over 32, 87,263 of land. It is the world’s 7th largest country in terms of area and 2nd in terms of population (134 Crores). But what’s surprising is how much does the Government of India own?

Many of the readers might be confused stating that, the Republic of India has authority over the complete nation’s resources. But, in this scenario, we are only taking land owned by Central Ministries / Departments and CPSEs (Central Public Sector Enterprises).

How much land does the Indian govt ownWith more data coming in, the Indian Govt. is learned to own at least 13,505 across its nation after 41 Union Ministries, 22 CPSEs have submitted the information to the GLIS – Government Land Information System. The GLIS is a first-of-its-kind interface that is designed and maintained by the ministry of Electronic and Information, monitored by the PMO – Prime Minister’s Office. 10 Union Ministries and 280+ CPSEs are yet to submit their details that are owned by them.

Meanwhile, the Defense Department which is likely to hold the largest chunks of land has only stated that it owns roughly 384 citing security reasons to reveal the actual land owned by the department. In the current list released, Railways are seen owning an area of roughly 2930 For reference, Hyderabad is spread across 650

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