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Indian GOVT Imposes Anti-Dumping Duty on 93 Chinese Products

Posted Yesterday at 18:38

Indian GOVT Imposes Anti-Dumping Duty on 93 Chinese Products

Indian GOVT Imposes Anti-Dumping Duty on 93 Chinese Products: India is trying to cope up with China in many ways about the border issue but they are not. But India gave a shock at the correct time to China. India gave an indirect economic war by imposing anti-dumping import duty. China exporting the cheap products to India in the form of business. Anti-dumping import duty was to impose for 93 types of Chinese products. Dragons got a strong warning from India by this decision in the form of Doklam border dispute.

Long back, local traders gave the complaint to the government that their business is getting loss with the Chinese products. These complaints, stiff conflicts near the border, China signals for war all these made government to take this strong decision. Commerce Minister Nirmala Sitaraman produced written the report to fine the tax for all these 93 kinds of importing China products. Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Steel, Yarn, Machine Tools, Plastic Products, Electric Products. This decision is very useful to protect the domestic industries and some sectors.

China economically gets damage who dependent on exporting business but even though China is not backing off. Presently, China allegation to Bhutan. A senior China official said that Bhutan informed through some diplomatic channels that Doklam is not their territory but China couldn’t able to provide any evidence about that. For this Bhutan strongly condemned by telling China to check their official foreign website that they had a clear view of Doklam border. Bhutan fired that Doklam is their own land, and objected to build the road, border between 2 countries. Finally, India gave a strong warning to China so Dragons are lying to overcome the situation.

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