It’s Official: India’s Largest Attack Ever On Terrorists

India’s Largest Attack Ever On Terrorists

Entire India is celebrating the Indian Government’s reply to the Pakistan based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed. Details of this biggest counter terrorist attack by India as follows.

The Indian Air Force fighter jets this day’s early morning around 3:30 AM entered Pakistan’s Kashmir beyond the LoC and bombed the JeM training base camp. None other than the Foreign Secretary Vijay K Gokhale declared the media that this is India’s non-military, pre-emptive action against the terrorism. Claiming that no civilians hurt in this operation, Gokhale showed a map where the terrorists’ camp was located. This location is nearer to the Balakot, which is about 40 kilometers from the Muzaffarabad and 200 km from the capital Islamabad. This is said to be the first ever big victory not only on Pakistan but also on the terrorism faced by the nation.

The Government officials and war veterans praised the IAF fighter jets which participated in the 20 minutes long operation. Analysts explain that this is a perfect reply to the terrible Pulwama attack. Whole India is celebrating this thing like it won a great war. Now that Pakistan took the bullet, there are hunches that it would respond in a similar way to the Indian Army kept their fists at ready to defend.


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