Jagan’s Take On Amaravathi to Boost The Party


The YSRCP Chief has been busy chalking out strategies to win the Power this time at any cost. With Janasena not supporting TDP, YS Jagan is not going to miss this opportunity so he is making sure that he scores all the anti-incumbency votes into his party’s account.

One of the main concerns of neutral voters about YSRCP is its firm objection on the capital in construction Amaravathi. Since the time of its announcement, Jagan and his co have been expressing their disinterest of having a capital in Amaravati as they want to build one at Donakonda in Rayalaseema. This initially made the voters in the districts of Guntur, Krishna, East and West Godavari not to support the party in the first place. But things have changed now and Jagan came to know that the capital issue is a thing and going soft on it would fetch him more votes. Not only building a temporary residence and a party office in Velagapudi, but Jagan is also enlisting building a world-class capital in Amaravathi itself. The Opposition party of AP is including some promises on the capital to ensure that the party is not against the present capital.

This might be a good sign for the party followers and supporters but the leaders of YSRCP are not feeling well with their head’s decision. Believing to be gaining power and making Donakonda as the capital, these YSRCP leaders bought big chunks of lands expecting to make more money but now they severed losses.


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