Modi’s Response On India’s Reply To The Pulwama Attack


The Indian Prime Minister is quite delighted to see his Government achieved a stunning success in eliminating a big terrorist organization’s camp and in giving a perfect answer to the enemy country of Pakistan. Post the attack of Indian Air Fighter Jets on JeM, Modi shared his joy in a huge Public gathering.

Addressing the Public in the Rajasthan meeting, PM Modi declared that he is proud of the Indian Defence Department especially with the Indian Air Force for eliminating the terrorist base. Even though he was saddened with the heavy loss of soldiers in the Pulwama attack, Modi opined that the Indian Government took enough time and struck at the right time and taught a befitting lesson to the enemies. This bigwig of BJP stated that he will honor all the Air Force Pilots who showcased top-notch skills in this mission soon. On this note, Modi went patriotic and claimed that he is bending his down to all the people and institutions what made India as it is on today. He went on to say that the Nation of India is far bigger and brighter than any person or party.

Modi concluded his speech by declaring that India will be achieving one of the top places among the developed countries and no one can stop its development by any means. This is great mileage for the BJP party prior to the Lok Sabha elections.


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