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HomelatestVisakhapatnam airport an easy target for Terrorists!

Visakhapatnam airport an easy target for Terrorists!

Visakhapatnam airport an easy target for Terrorists!

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On Tuesday night, the Indigo Aircraft that took-off at 10:30 pm from Vishakhapatnam Airport landed in the airport within an hour. Right after the take-off, the pilot realized that rear landing gear failed to withdraw. He sensed something was obstructing and informed the same to the air traffic tower.

After receiving permission to return to the airport, the pilot the hovered around the airport premises to burn the excess fuel before landing. The officials stated that a wild boar trespassed the fencing and came onto the runway. It was hit by the Indigo flight during its take off.

After the flight has landed, a thorough inspection was carried out. With no substantial damage reported the flight took off from the airport 3-hours behind schedule.IndiGo flight hits wild boar at Visakhapatnam airport

This incident clearly demonstrates the security flaws in Visakhapatnam Airport. Mr. Naresh Kumar, AP Air Travelers Association Vice-President said, ‘If a wild boar could sneak into the airport premises, then terrorists also can gain access. This is a clear sign of security breach. The bushes surrounding the airport premises need to be cleared immediately.’

The Central Industrial Security Force, CISF guards the Main Building of the Airport and up to 1.5 km radius of the airport. The security within the airport vicinity is under the observation of Indian Navy.

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