Anushka and Prabhas on same lines!

Anushka Rejects Karan Johar Film in Bollywood

Anushka and Prabhas on same lines!

Posted November 13, 2017 at 19:51 

Prabhas has demanded 20 Crores to act in Bollywood film after Bollywood Director-cum-Producer Karan Johar offered him a film. After knowing Prabhas’ remuneration, Karan Johar publicly tweeted that, ‘not ever superstar like Rajinikanth would demand. It would take some more time for your first Hindi film’. Many people also expressed the same opinion. But the insider news is that Prabhas is nowhere interested in Hindi films, and willingly quoted such a huge amount so that producer would be off from him.


Similarly, Karan Johar too offered Anushka Shetty in Bollywood. He was ready to pay the Baahubali actress Rs 5 Crores. But Anushka also rejected his offer stating that she wouldn’t be signing on any projects until the release of her upcoming film ‘Bhagamathi.’ Anushka also rejected many Tamil film offers, with Ajith and Surya starring in a couple of films.

Prabhas and Anushka’s love affair has been a long-time rumour in the industry. Though one doesn’t know the truth about their relationship, their decisions have been on the same lines. It’s really puzzling whether Prabhas and Anushka rejected Bollywood offers at one’s own personal front or by taking a mutual decision.

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