Internet responsible for increasing crimes in children?

Pradyumna Murder Attemp With Plan

Internet responsible for increasing crimes in children?

Posted November 12, 2017 at 20:44 

The murder of Pradhyumn, an 8-year-old studying Grade 2 in Ryan International School has raised concerns on the ever-increasing ‘criminal activity’ in the children’s mind. The Grade 11 student who murdered Pradhyumn is under the CBI’s custody. During the investigation, the 16-year-old student has revealed some spine-chilling truths.

‘This murder has been planned. The student searched for various kinds of toxic substances that are used to kill. He has also searched ways to erase details of fingerprints from the knife. The student purchased the knife just before the day of committing murder. His phone and laptop searches clearly showed his intentions to kill someone,’ said a CBI official.

Adding to it, ‘the case is currently being investigated. The investigation procedure is at a sensitive stage. We cannot further comment on this. Easy access to the internet and other technological advances are indirectly responsible for the increase in crime rate among children. The student is currently in the Juvenile Home’, said the CBI officials.

Psychologists expressed that, ‘The student has played a lot of video games that portrayed killing and violence. The student came to a mindset that, killing someone and escaping from the eyes of the justice is considered as heroism.’

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