Tuesday, November 29, 2022
HomelatestTrump on the back foot?

Trump on the back foot?

Trump on the back foot?

After 3 months of cold-war, finally, there seems to be a bit of easing between the US and North Korea. Trump who is on a historic Asian Country tour behaved with a sense of dignity and wittiness. Targeting Trump, Kim once again criticized the US President stating, ‘Trump is old. He would do nothing for his nation’. Generally, Trump retaliates with strong words in his replies to Kim. Interestingly, Trump took a different turn by adding humor into this.

Trump tweeted ‘Kim calls me old. Did I ever say that Kim is short? He is fat?’ He continued his tweets saying that ‘I have been working very hard for a long time to build a friendship with Kim. I am sure about the fact that one day Kim would become my friend’.

His tweets were warmly welcomed by his followers and the global community equally. Global analysts expressed their opinion that Trump’s attitude towards North Korea is changing, and this might bring the prevailing hostile situation to an end.

In the past, heightened tensions between North Korea and the US made the war inevitable. It looks like for once in life, Trump has behaved with a proper mind.

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