Mother marries son and daughter!

Mother marries son and daughter

Mother marries son and daughter!

Posted November 13, 2017 at 13:24 

Globalization and ever-changing trends in the society have brought a definite change in the human values and relations. In what could be termed as a disgrace to the civilized human evolution, a mother has married her son and her daughter. This shocking incident took place in the US state of Oklahoma. Going by the reports a 44-year-old woman named Patricia Spann has reportedly married her children.

Initially, in the year 2008, Patricia Spann married her son who was 18 at that time. The marriage reportedly sustained for a year. The son had filed for ‘annulment’ in the court after several issues cropped in the marital life of mom and son. Later the woman has married her daughter, Misty Spann, who was 18 in 2010.Mother marries son and daughter

After the police were informed about the woman marrying her own Kin, the police have taken mother and daughter into custody. The women appeared in a court hearing on Tuesday. Going by the case, the judge had initially sentenced the mother and daughter for 10years. After Misty Spann pleaded for guilty sating that it was her mother who took the advantage and induced her marriage, the judge had placed Spann under 2 years of supervision before implementing the 10years sentence.

This kind of incidents clearly illustrate the current moral and ethics among humans.  

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