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210 Dead, 1700 injured after 7.3 Earthquake in Iraq

210 Dead, 1700 injured after 7.3 Earthquake in Iraq

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A massive 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit the city of Halabja in Iraq at 11:48 pm on 12th November 2017. According to the official sources, 210 people have lost their lives and nearly 1700 people were injured. The death toll is likely to increase with the rescue operations underway. The earthquake centered 31 kilometers from Halabja.

The city of Halabja is located along the Iraq-Iran border. Most of the people in this region live in houses made of mud bricks which easily crumble under little force. ‘Any earthquake above 7.0 can be devastating and it takes nearly 2 years for the people to recover from its damage’ said an official.

Unfortunately, the main hospital in the area was also severely damaged due to the earthquake. As a result, hundreds of victims who were brought to the hospital by the authorities were not treated.

Earthquake in IraqThe Iranian agencies also informed that more than 50 aftershocks were felt after the earthquakes. Electricity was cut-off in several Iraq and Iranian cities along the border. People of both the nations lying in the earthquake affected were seen on the streets.

The Iranian Red Crescent said that more than 70,000 people needed immediate shelters. The Iranian officials have confirmed that the oil refineries and pipelines in this region remained unaffected. 

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