Pakistan Still holds on to Dawood, What is India planning?

Pakistan Still holds on to Dawood,

Pakistan Still holds on to Dawood, What is India planning?

Posted November 13, 2017 at 19:58 

Pakistan security agencies find Dawood a force to reckon with, as he continues to hold a grip on them, states, Indian Intelligence Bureau report.

According to inside sources, it says, Dawood was unwell few months ago and now he is back to his pink of health and overseeing all his business activities that start with drug trade between Afghanistan and India and also the extortion racket in Mumbai, which is big money turner point.

Since his life is under constant threat, the Pakistan ISI constantly moves his locations and hideouts. He was moved around 5 times in the last three months according to the intercepts that the IB has picked up. Meanwhile, UAE is full of helping hands towards India. It also promised that any activities by the Don on their land, they would inform and India has been in constant touch over this issue with UAE.

Dawood is on a lookout for a safe place to hide in Pakistan itself, and deportation from there looks very bleak, hence the agencies have decided to target his financial priorities. A kind of pattern has been set, by which these agencies are told to target his financial interests.

IB officers share that Dawood without money is like a dead wood to Pakistan and they will just drop him like a hot potato, and its only matter of time.

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