Can The Indo-Pak War Affect AP Politics?

Indo-Pak War Affect AP Politics

Right now, complete India and its citizens are fuming fire on the enemy country Pakistan for supporting terrorism against India. Intelligent wing of India is hinting a possible war between these two rival countries. Now the million dollars question is will this war like situation show its impact on the AP Politics or not.

The answer is a big Yes and any possible war will have its effect on the AP elections. The three parties TDP, YSRCP, and Janasena are locking horns for the triangular fight. If war comes, BJP which has a very low vote bank will be the maximum benefit among all the parties in AP. Already BJP scored big with the counter-attack on JeM terrorist camp base and voters turned positive towards the Saffron camp. If this is the situation before the war, BJP will make sure to send a big patriotic wave and fever among the voters during the time of elections. This would work wonders for the Centre to regain power. To those who argue this theory as baseless, one should remember the Kargil war and its aftereffects on Indian Politics. BJP won like anything and destroyed a strong fence of AICC.

More or less, Indo-Pak war will turn AP Politics more complex as the vote banks of TDP and YSRCP will get split by BJP other than Janasena party. Then there should be a possible alliance to form the government and this would be more interesting than ever.


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